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"These are the words you wish you wrote down"
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15th-Aug-2009 12:00 am - "Sketch Pad"
I drew a picture of you,
Of a picture you sent me,
but not me

When I was finished,
I knew I could never show you,
No one would see it

I turned to a new page,
blank, and I wanted to draw us
us, and our lives together

But I had to leave the page blank,
I can see it...

I just don't know where to start...
25th-Jul-2009 12:13 am - "soon, baby, soon"
You won't say when, where, or how...
and just the thought makes my heart leap out of my chest!

'soon, baby, soon'

Why must we be so far away?
This distance is killing me.

'absence makes the heart grow fonder'

Because I am about to explode
because I all I need is to hold you...

I wouldn't want it, or you, any other way.
24th-Jul-2009 11:50 pm - "Just..."
There's just about a million plus words I can write down to describe you,
but none of them
even come close

you're far better than any word
or words
can describe

as corny as that is,
i just need you
just always
just you

i need to hear your voice
for you to
comfort me, and for you to
hold me some more

I hope I never stop dreaming of you
20th-Apr-2009 06:02 pmUntitled
I am sorry.
I want to see you again,
but I'm afraid.

To learn you have done so much,
and I have done absolutely nothing
at all.

I am sorry.
19th-Apr-2009 04:20 am - "Tired"
I can't sleep.
I don't want to.

But sleep will win over all
I love my dreams too much.

Of you and I.
I look forward to meeting up with you again.

Maybe you are the one.
Have you changed?

I have but
I love my dreams too much.

The way it used to be.
I want that again. Please?
19th-Apr-2009 04:05 am - "Fog"
I'm in a fog.
And Unspeakable, Uncaring, Misunderstood

I cannot see where I am going.
I'm scared that I do not care.

I want this fog.
It makes me happy,
On the outside
Am I happy?
Or is this artificial, faux, lying happy?

Causing me to think obscurely,
unwilling to clear.
I don't want it to thin,
It might be good for me.

I'm in a fog.
It's unspeakable,
and misunderstood.

It makes me happy.
They do not understand this.
I cannot see where I am going.
So I will wander in circles over
and over.

I see a light.
to guiding me out.

Not yet... not yet!

It makes me happy.
I am in a fog.

The fog is me and I, it.
I am scared,
I do not care.
Am I happy?
19th-Apr-2009 03:44 am - NAP (NOT A POEM) POST
I haven't been updating, not because I've forgotten to write here or that this place even exists, but because nothing has come to me.
Which is stupid.
A teacher once told me, "Always write. Never wait for inspiration to come to you." He was a good teacher. I try to keep this in mind every time I write anything.
19th-Apr-2009 03:06 am - "Questions"
Nothing going, nothing doing
Optimism escapes me,
It's not fair really,
Why me?

And then I think,
Who am I? Why should I be so important?
I should think of others,
Why is that hard for me?

I am selfish,
and I don't know how to change,
Won't you help me?
I need to change.
23rd-Aug-2007 09:32 pm - "All Stars"
My shoes and I have history,
We've been through everything together,
Through love,
and hate,
though brake ups, and
losing friends,
through make up
when I was lonely, awfully lonely,
while making friends,
through rejoice and
We have been to concerts and
Alone, when no one else was,
We are unique,
and fun,
Splashed in rain puddles when we were
they still fit me
No other shoes have been though so much,
We have walked,
and walked,
They have taken me outside of my comfort level,
and when I was too nervous,
back into my comfort level,
If I could,
I would never take them off,
but when people see
my ratty,
they don't know how much they actually mean to me,
and refuse me of comfort on their furniture,
I can never
I could never
I will never
throw them away,
My shoes are apart of me,
because we have history.
15th-Aug-2007 11:17 pm - "When You Smile"
When you smile,
it's magic

When you smile,
it makes me smile,

You are adorable
You make me happy,

To feel completely joyful,
isn't what I'm used to,
But you make me hopeful

You make me laugh,
We laugh with each other

To have dreams,
is what your smile makes me do

To look at the glass half full,
I have never done before until you came along

I am better company to be with,
Because your smile is contagious

Your laugh is contagious,
Your joy is contagious,
Your optimism

I thank you for this,
all of this.

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