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"These are the words you wish you wrote down"
"All Stars" 
23rd-Aug-2007 09:32 pm
FOTC - Shakers!
My shoes and I have history,
We've been through everything together,
Through love,
and hate,
though brake ups, and
losing friends,
through make up
when I was lonely, awfully lonely,
while making friends,
through rejoice and
We have been to concerts and
Alone, when no one else was,
We are unique,
and fun,
Splashed in rain puddles when we were
they still fit me
No other shoes have been though so much,
We have walked,
and walked,
They have taken me outside of my comfort level,
and when I was too nervous,
back into my comfort level,
If I could,
I would never take them off,
but when people see
my ratty,
they don't know how much they actually mean to me,
and refuse me of comfort on their furniture,
I can never
I could never
I will never
throw them away,
My shoes are apart of me,
because we have history.
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